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The Real Greek Vegan Menu Launch

The Greek diet has been the founding rock of what is known as the Mediterranean Diet. It was at first observed in Crete after WW2 when researchers tried to estimate what the lack of food had done to the health of the islands’ inhabitants. They were amazed to find that despite the lack of food,… Continue reading The Real Greek Vegan Menu Launch

Greek Food · London

Mamma Mia! Cocktails & Competition!

The most important person to us Greeks, our mothers, will be celebrated this month. To show our appreciation to the pillars of the household, our “mana” in Greek, we have teamed up with the ‘ultimate feel-good show’ (Classic FM) MAMMA MIA!, bringing you some exciting news! MAMMA MIA! premiered in London 18 years ago on 23rd March 1999 – and it has thrilled more than 60 million… Continue reading Mamma Mia! Cocktails & Competition!