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Dine on Beef Sofrito with ITV’s The Durrells every Sunday

The Real Greek are celebrating the new series of The Durrells. To mark this special occasion we will be serving Beef Sofrito – a tasty traditional dish of tender, melt-in-the-mouth beef with a delicious, intense garlic and vinegar based sauce, served with chips, every Sunday until 28th May 2017.

Dine on Beef Sofrito with ITV's The Durrells every Sunday

In the new series, money is still tight and Louisa Durrell (BAFTA nominated Keeley Hawes) finds herself on the wrong side of the family’s new landlady, Vasilia, when she gets behind on paying the rent. It feels like Vasilia has a has a personal grudge towards Louisa, but why would that be? The family brainstorm ideas to make some extra cash and they decide to grow food at home to sell at the market. Theo tries to teach Leslie bee-keeping so he can make honey and Gerry learns to milk goats. Spiros is also on hand to offer support, but can they make a success of their new business venture?


The Durrells launches on ITV, on Sunday nights at 8.00pm, from this Sunday (23rd April) and runs for 6 weeks. So every Sunday, all day, at all The Real Greek restaurants, we will be cooking up this classic Greek dish.

On the back of the Beef Sofrito menu you’ll find a traditional Corfu recipe of Pastitsada to cook at home, from Tonia Buxton, and a competition to win a meal for 4 at The Real Greek if you post a photo of you with your Pastitsada dish. So make sure you take a copy home with you!

Dine on Beef Sofrito with ITV's The Durrells every Sunday

*Beef Sofrito & Chips will be available every Sunday from 23rd April until Sunday 28th May 2017. Subject to availability.