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Joe Alvarez is the King of Paparazzi at The Real Greek

We recently had man about town, Joe Alvarez, cover our Cookoovaya event at out Bankside restaurant.

Who is he?

Joe Alvarez is the King of Paparazzi at The Real Greek

Joe Alvarez is a celebrity and studio photographer based in London. Established for well over a decade, he has covered regularly a whole host of events like: film festivals -Cannes, Toronto, Venice, rock festivals like Glastonbury, V Festival, Roskilde -Denmark- and concerts in general. Other events he has regularly covered – too numerous to mention all- but include: MTV Awards, Brit Awards, Bafta Film awards, Bafta TV awards, National TV awards, The Soap Awards, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, World Music Awards, Monte Carlo TV Awards, Big Brother series from 1 to 11, all manner of photocalls and events, studio and location shoots worldwide, PR and corporate campaigns and other commissions related to news and showbiz.

Joe Alvarez is the King of Paparazzi at The Real Greek

Joe’s pictures have been syndicated and published regularly worldwide in newspapers, -all UK tabloids and broadsheets- magazines, books, TV and online. Joe has also been in various TV series/documentaries including ‘Paparazzi’ on BBC1 and BBC2, Dragon’s Den, -where he was shooting model Sophie Anderton in the studio- A documentary for German TV channel RTL, Living TV and also a myriad of interviews for Radio, Magazines and TV regarding -surprise, surprise- showbiz.

Check out his review of the event here:

What Austerity? “Greek Gods Of Fine Dining’ came to London to show us a glimpse of their culinary virtuosity.