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The Real Greek Supporting World Encephalitis Day

Encephalitis is a very scary disease. It can start out as feeling generally unwell, and like having a cold or the flu, and soon progresses into a life threatening condition. It is technically an inflammation of the brain, caused by infection (often common everyday infections such as the flue or measles for example) or a problem in the immune system, and if not diagnosed on time, it can leave patients with permanent injury to the brain or even kill them.

Symptoms usually start with a high temperature, muscle aches, feeling tired and confused, having a stiff neck, and they can develop into a coma, paralysis, seizures, personality changes, trouble in speech and ultimately, death.

It is vital that encephalitis patients receive a diagnosis as fast as possible, but unfortunately, the disease can be misdiagnosed.

Our very own Tonia Buxton is an ambassador for The Encephalitis Society, a charity offering direct support and information to thousands of people each year.

The Real Greek Supporting World Encephalitis Day

The Encephalitis Society produces evidence-based information, collaborates on ground breaking research and raises awareness of Encephalitis on a global scale.

The facts given by the Encephalitis Society are frightening :

  • 500K people are affected by encephalitis globally each year
  • 80% of the UK  public do not know what encephalitis is
  • 42M people have been reached by the Society’s 2017 World Encephalitis Day campaign

Tania and The Real Greek have chosen to donate 25p for every Beetroot, Feta and Lentil Salad sold in all of our restaurants in the week running up to the World Encephalitis Day, on 22nd February 2018!

The Real Greek Supporting World Encephalitis Day

Why this particular salad? Because part of the Society’s brand colours are red and as part of the campaign every World Encephalitis Day, people are encouraged to wear red and post #Red4Wed Selfies on their social media to help raise awareness of the condition.  Tonia thought our deep red beetroot salad, would be the perfect dish to raise awareness with.

Beetroots are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are little health bombs of exceptional nutritional value!

Beetroot fibre is known to increase the number of white blood cells, which are responsible for detecting and eliminating abnormal cells, so we could say that this salad deserves its nomination as a World Encephalitis Day awareness dish even more so.

We know you love this salad anyway, but we encourage you to show more love to it particularly in the week of 16th until the 22nd February 2018. Awareness and donations can lead to scientific breakthroughs, and here at The Real Greek we believe in helping in any way that we can.

The donation page is now live so please – give, give, give!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!