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A walk around Borough & The Real Greek Southbank in London

With the weather finally finding its feet in London we went to the expert of Borough and the Southbank – Vasilios, our restaurant manager at The Real Greek Southbank. I asked him to tell me about his favourite route from Borough Market and up along the Southbank next to the Thames and where’s worth stopping got take in a bit of history.

Here’s his take:


Borough Market is most definitely your first stop. You can grab a coffee from Monmouth Coffee and wander through the market. London’s long-running, highest-quality roaster hasn’t been influenced much by recent food or coffee trends.  Come for its pour-through cone filter bar, communal table and improvisational street theatre (otherwise known as a queue), is a must stop before, after and midway through visits to the food market.

A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

This is unarguably London’s most famous food market in London for its produce of meats, cheeses, vegetables – pretty much everything you could want you will find here. Anybody who has any interest in food will take something away with them. It’s an amazing place that’s full of life from sun up to sundown.

A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

Keep your eyes peeled around the Golden Hinde II, a full-size replica ship. You’ll hopefully be able to spot the burnt medieval chapel than many miss if they’re staring down at their smartphones. You’ll hopefully be able to see the ruins of the building.

A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

Moving further away from the market you’ll find yourself standing outside The Clink Museum. The Clink is the prison that gave its name to prisons everywhere. The Clink was owned by the Bishops of Winchester, who maintained a residence on the south bank of the Thames.

In 1540, rioters protesting the ‘Stature of Labourers’ and raided Winchester House. Classing clerics as tax collectors, they murdered them and then released the prisoners from the Clink before burning the building down. Today you’ll find ‘The Clink Museum’ on the original site at the South Bank of London which tries to recreate the conditions of the original conditions of the prison.

A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

By this time you’ll need some sustenance – so as long as it’s at least 12pm The Real Greek Southbank will be open. The flagship restaurant here does a mean meze with something for everyone. It’s the perfect place to grab a seat in the sun with one of the best vies across the river of St Paul’s Cathedral.

If you book a table in May we’re even throwing in a free glass of Prosecco for each customer if they say OPA when they arrive (check the end of this post for all the details).

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A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

After a filling lunch you then make your way down to The Globe Theatre which is in the middle of celebrating 400 years since the death of Shakespeare this year. There’s always lots going on here, lots of very interesting plays. It’s an open air theatre, very intents if you’ve never seen it before and it ALWAYS books out – so ensure you get your tickets in advance. They do matinees as well so performances aren’t just reserved of the evening – usually 2 shows per day.

A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

Continuing up the Thames you’ll find the Tate Modern. This gallery devoted to modern art effortlessly pulls in the locals as well as the tourists, and ranks among London’s most-visited attractions. Part of its appeal is the building itself, fashioned by architects from a vast disused power station on the Thames’s south bank.

In addition to blockbuster exhibits and live events, the gallery invites a prominent artist every year to transform its cavernous turbine hall. Breathtaking if you get an amazing artist’s instillation using the whole space.

A walk around Borough & The Southbank in London

A further 15 minute walk down the same side of the Thames you’ll eventually hit Royal Festival Hall, The London Eye and the BFI. Your other option from there is to take the Millennium Bridge across the river and you’ll find one of the best photo shots of St Paul’s Cathedral waiting for you.

I know I must have walked past the burnt down church a thousand times so will definitely have my eyes peeled next time.

If you did need more free prosecco in your life – here’s the details of what was mentioned in the chat above:

Book a table via our website until 29th May 2016 at The Real Greek Southbank location only, and receive a *free glass of prosecco per person on us, to celebrate the start of the summer!

Simply quote “OPA” to your server when you dine with us in May at The Real Greek Bankside only. Feels Like a Greek Summer!

*T&C’s apply.

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