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Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

This blog post goes out to Monika (you might have seen her flittering between The Real Greek St Martin’s Lane and Marylebone).

Once a year, our full management team convenes somewhere in Greece to gather our thoughts for the year ahead and soak up some much needed sun. I know, I’d be jealous too.  One of our satellite managers is a *HUGE* fan of lager (and that’s being subtle about it). She’s actually over the moon as we have just installed the taps for our new Alpha Omega Lager that we’re brewing for The Real Greek.

And evening though Greeks generally still see beer as just a cold drink for a hot day – the craft beer movement has taken hold in Greece and it’s worth seeking a few great local craft beer bars out to sample some of the upstarts on the scene. So here’s a list for you who are on the hunt that I put together for her to show there’s more to life than lager!

Beer Time

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

Where can you go for a large choice of Greek microbrews and imported beers and maybe some food to go with it? In Psiri there is Beer Time which is right on the corner at Iroon Square, right at the hub of the nightime activity in the neighborhood. They have a large number of Greek microbrews and some Belgians and these individual beer kegs that sit on your table so you don’t have to ask the waiter every time you finish your beer. You just pour it yourself. The new menu has every Greek beer and a description of each. The owner of the bar is Thanos who is a true beer lover and he supposedly imports many of the beers he carries himself. If you are feeling generous and want to make a friend bring a bottle of your favorite local micro-brew from home for him to try.

Contact: Beer Time is located in Iroon Square, just a short walk up Miaouli from Monastiraki Station.  Beer Time is open from 6PM daily, except it is closed on Mondays.

The Local Pub

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

First we invent democracy, and then we open up a quaint, cozy pub with a world-class beer selection. The 20 draft lines and 100 available bottles showcase the comfort classics like AleSmith IPA and Sierra Nevada Narwhal, while still showing love to domestic breweries like Septem. Cross your fingers and try to visit on one of the pub’s famous BBQ nights: it’s a literal sausage fest.

Contact: Chaimanta 25, Chalandri, Greece. Phone:+30 694 086 4443

Berlin by 5 drunk men

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

It’s about time you make it on your own and self-serve yourself a glass of brewed beer at this one of a kind beer bar. A bar designed especially for your, for every single one of you. So, enjoy your own tap beer from your own table and be…the man…for the night!

Contact: Timotheou 8, Pagrati. Tel.+30 210 7010006

Vale Vale

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

Cosy, warm and friendly, this beer bar will definitely still your heart from the very first time. It is one of these places that if you go once, you never forget it and then you go back, again and again. Make sure to grab a bite along with your beer and have a blast with your most beloved friends.

Contact: Alexioupoleos 26 & Ipeirou, Argyroupoli. Tel.+30 210 9965903

Barley Cargo

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

Come here for a decent selection of microbrews including a good selection of local craft brews and a stylish interior.

Contact: Kolokotroni 6, Athina 105 61, Greece. Phone:+30 21 0323 0445

The Art Foundation (TAF Athens)

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

This is a great artsy and hipster spot away from the tourist trail and the crowd it attracts. You should definitely try the microbrewery beers and take a look at the different exhibitions in the rooms surrounding the bar. Also a handy place to drink if you have someone who likes their cocktails!

Contact: Normanou 5, Athina 105 55, Greece. Phone:+30 21 0323 8757

Το Σαν Φρανσίσκο (aka San Fransisco)

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens

This is a sandwich bar but it makes the cut due to a good selection of craft beers that match very well to their bready options. If you’re a fan of avocado (and really, who isn’t) try the Bay View sandwich!

Contact: Keramikou 99, Athina 104 35, Greece. Phone:+30 21 5551 2845.

I’ve also put this post in My Google Maps Format so you can have it at your fingertips – add it to you phone HERE.

If there’s anywhere I missed – let me know in the comments section below!

See you next week,

Tonia Buxton xx

Where to find decent craft beer in Athens