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Rebetiko Carnival 2016

In June 2016 the Rebetiko Carnival, one of the most exciting and biggest music festivals in Europe is landing on the shores of the UK. The infectious, uplifting traditional music of Greece and Asia minor will be resounding through the streets of London

Concerts, seminars, workshops, education work, outreach work, instrument exhibitions, Shadow Puppet theatre and new texts narrating the dramatic history of this music with live performance. All this will brought here by the Rebetiko Carnival and many of the greatest musicians from Greece as well as the best UK based bands.

Rebetiko Carnival 2016

The venues include Camden’s very own The Green Note as well as The Vortex, King’s Place, The Forge, the Hellenic Centre (London), The Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester), The Latest Bar (Brighton)

All this is organised and supported by a small group of musicians and volunteers who are passionate about this music, its performance and exposure, but also it’s value to all parts of society…those who are concert goers as well as those who do not have the ability to go to concerts…physically disabled, people in prisons, mentally ill.

This promises to be one whole month of musical celebration and festivity. Do you have to be Greek to enjoy it? Absolutely not! As well as Greeks, the bands themselves include musicians from Japan, England, France, Turkey…everywhere…all coming together through their love of this music. It has an appeal that goes beyond nationality. Beautiful melodies, heartstopping rhythms. Themes of love, loss, hope…war, suppression, freedom.

Rebetiko Carnival 2016

The big event which we have our eyes on is on Sunday June 19th at King’s Place near St. Pancras.  It’s HOMAGE TO TSITSANIS  with Gerasimos Andreatos, Marina Deligianni and Plastikes Karekles with a very special guest from Greece – Manolis Pappos – famous bouzouki player.
All concerts kick of at 7.30pm.

For the serious fans of Rebetiko there are ticket bundles that will allow you to join more concerts at a better price. For further information on the available offers and to book click here.

Rebetiko Carnival 2016

What you need to know about the concerts
Limited number of tickets will also be available at the door, even when online tickets are sold out, however to avoid disappointment it is good to book in advance.
Children aged 11 and under are admitted free of charge and do not need a ticket.
Ticket sales will be subject to a booking fee for all payment methods.

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